Guernsey Alzheimer's Association Privacy Statement


Guernsey Alzheimers Association

Privacy Statement


We are committed to processing data fairly, transparently and lawfully.

What data do we keep about you, and why?

We hold data about our clients. We generally collect this information from you directly. We hold very limited healthcare information, which is necessary to care for your needs and provide our service. These records contain basic information on your health, such as serious conditions, allergies and medication, as well as other general information relating to your wishes and needs. We recognise that this information comprises sensitive personal data.

We justify keeping this data on the grounds that it is for healthcare purposes and also for charitable purposes. We also need to keep it to be able to provide for your safety.

We also keep some information, including financial and administrative information which sometimes relates to clients, because it is in our legitimate interests and we need to be able to raise funds to run the charity.

(We also keep basic administrative information on volunteers, contracted service providers, donors and fundraisers, again to provide our healthcare and charitable service.)

Sharing of Information 

We will keep your information confidential and secure. Like all healthcare organisations, we communicate with others, both internally and externally, working together to support your care. This may include family members or other healthcare professionals. If there is any individual to whom you do not wish us to pass information, please let us know.

Where a client is unable to consent to specific disclosures due to lack of capacity, we would act in that client’s best interests, following a firmly established cornerstone of professional medical ethics known as the “best interests” principle.

Otherwise, we will not disclose information on clients, volunteers or any other individuals to third parties except where there is a legal requirement, where there is express consent or where it is otherwise appropriate and lawful to do so, for example in a medical emergency or in the public interest. There may be limited circumstances where we may have to do so in our legitimate interests, such as defending ourselves against litigation.

Retention of Information

It is our policy to destroy health records of former clients who are deceased or who have left the island upon seven years from their death or leaving the island, other than documents which we consider to be of continuing significance. We understand this to be similar to practice elsewhere and we consider this is reasonable to enable us to deal with matters that may arise, including potential litigation, within that period.

We will work to the same retention period for volunteers, contracted individuals, donors and fundraisers. However, we will, as far as possible, respect the “right to be forgotten” principle of GDPR and individuals may request the removal of personal data at any time.

Access to Information

We will seek to maintain accurate information by ensuring that you can access (and update, rectify and have transferred if necessary) the information held. You will be entitled to have access to information held about you by us and for what purpose, within 40 days of submitting a request, and we will comply with all local access requirements.

Our Data Lead

For a full copy of our data protection policy, please ask the Association’s Data Lead, Marie Cummins.

Please contact our Data Lead, or any volunteer within the Association, if you would like any further information. We will be happy to assist with any enquiries.



May 2018