The work of the Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association is focussed around its excellent Centre at Rue des Monts, Delancey.

Many improvements have been made to the Centre. A well equipped kitchen is able to cater for the forty guests who attend our monthly lunches in the large dining room and our professional chef is always complimented on the quality of the lunches he provides.

New lighting in the lounge and more than adequate heating create a warm and welcoming venue.
As to our activities, the telephone is either manned or monitored every day and e‑mails are checked all the time. So a request for help will always be answered quickly.

We are always available every Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Carers are welcome to come for tea and company between two and four, (for current times please refer to our diary on the news/diary page of the webiste). Of course those they care for are most welcome too. There are a number of games such as Euchre, dominoes, bingo and billiards and these are very popular with our guests.  

On alternate Friday afternoons we hold the very popular Singing Down Memory Lane. Carers and their loved ones are given a warm welcome and can reminisce and sing old songs of the past. 

Lunches on the third Thursday of every month are well attended and on Wednesdays we run a Carers Support Group in conjunction with the Memory Clinic.  Carers can attend this group safe in the knowledge that their loved ones are being cared for and entertained in the adjoining room.  We have regular speakers at the group, who speak about the various issues that arise for full time Carers and offer advice and support.  

Help of a more practical nature or a grant for residents of the bailiwick can be considered too. Forms are available to apply in the strictest of confidence to the Treasurer.

Should there be a need for pastoral care, we can provide this and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in the same.