02 September 2021

Art Project with Artist Ellie Atkinson and the Guernsey Arts Commission

We are pleased to announce that artist Ellie Atkinson will be working with us on our art project “Memories”.

It will run from Friday 17th September 2021 from 10.30-12.00 for a duration of eight week at our Delancey Centre.

Ellie Atkinson said: -

I am really pleased to announce that I will be working with the GAA on their upcoming art and design project! The impact of art and creativity for those living with dementia is becoming increasingly significant and a powerful tool for expression and communication. This is a project for both carers and those with dementia to enjoy together.

The theme revolves around memories of gardens, flowers and growing. Over the weeks, we will explore this theme through the process of collage. Individuals will explore textures, colour, shape and bring their garden memories to life. The end result will be a collage created by participants which will be digitally printed and placed on the wall of the Lounge at the GAA Centre.

Please call 245121 for further information.