We’re here to help

We are an independent local charity, here to help those caring for people with dementia.

About us and what we do

The Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association was formed in the summer of 2009 by our far-sighted founder Lady Cater.  Soon Lady Malbon, the wife of the then Lieutenant Governor, agreed to become our patron.  When Air Marshal Peter Walker succeeded Sir Fabian, Mrs Walker graciously agreed to be our patron, and in late 2015 she, with Government House, kindly approved the appointment of Jurat Michael Tanguy MBE to be co-patron with her.

Later in 2010 the Guernsey Alzheimer's Association was greatly honoured by the gift from Her Majesty of "The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service".

All of our activities are within the Bailiwick and we are proud to support Millie's Foundation in Alderney which we adopted as an Associate Member in 2013.

With the approval of our volunteers we send modest donations to Alzheimer's Research UK the leading research organization.  It is our small contribution to help combat this serious illness.

We would like to help in any way we can those who care for people with dementia especially with any costs which might arise.  Neither do we forget the carers whose responsibilities are now ended.

The needs of carers are not always recognized but many of our volunteers have experience of caring for family and so can fully understand the concerns of those who visit us.  We can offer information and advice but equally important is companionship and support. 

Along with our regular social afternoons, we provide a sitter service where experienced sitters come to your home and sit with your loved one for a couple of hours.  This gives carers a chance for some respite and much needed time for themselves.

Chairman Stephen Collas and all of our volunteers invite carers and those they look after to visit our Centre at Delancey where a warm welcome will always await them.

Further information can be found in this website.



Betley Whitehorne Image providing design for our printed work and website. They continue to provide generous support in many areas often without charge.
The management and staff of BWCI Group provide generous financial support and their volunteers are always present helping at our events.

Deutsche Bank International Limited have been providing substantial practical help for some time.
Guernsey Electricity in association with ES & M Limited have provided us with new lighting systems and power points.

Mark and Teresa Fouracre walked 190 miles and the sponsorship provided more than £1000 for Association funds.
Richmond Fiduciary Group, who have in the past and continue to support us financially and with members of the staff.

The management and staff of Rothschild Bank International who continue to support us with donations.
The support of the Guernsey Community Foundation has been of an enormous assistance to us.

Others we have to thank for their great generosity are HSBC Bank, Master Masons, Lloyds, BWCI Foundation, Esme Razzak, Deputy Barry Brehaut, The Andrew Mitchell Charitable Trust, The Foresters and many other groups and individuals. We also thank those who look after our collection boxes all over the island.