Our Sitting Service

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The Service

The GAA charity provides a free respite service where experienced carers look after and provide company for your loved one for several hours. Sitters are fully trained and Police checked and can provide companionship for dementia sufferers. Although it is a paid role, the Charity offers the service free of charge to those who need it.

Could you, or your company, sponsor a Sitter?

£120, for example, would cover 10 hours of sitting. To find out more, please contact Julie on 245121 or [email protected]

Did you know?

  • States reported a few years ago that there are 123 positive diagnoses of dementia in Guernsey per year from the Memory Clinic
  • GAA receives two enquiries per week for our Sitting Service. Most are referrals from HSC OAMHT (Older adult mental health team)
  • At present, GAA provides 2000 sitters' hours per year which is increasing yearly. The cost is borne by the GAA. No charge is made for the service.
  • GAA currently employs 16 Sitters to cope with the demand.