What We Offer

The Guernsey Alzheimer’s Association (GAA) supports carers and ex-carers of loved ones with dementia in partnership with Health and Social Care.

What we offer

  • Practical advice, emotional support, companionship and understanding
  • Social activities to help carers connect with people who share similar experiences
  • Golf for people with dementia
  • Gardening for people with dementia (GROW)
  • A respite service
  • Access to a free library at The Delancey Centre
  • Loan of a terrain wheelchair

Regular social activities

  • Monday 2.00pm - 4.30pm (Social)
  • Tuesday 2.00pm (Golf for people with dementia)
  • Wednesday 2.00pm - 4.00pm (Carer’s Support Group)
  • Alternate Fridays 10.30am (Singing down Memory Lane)
  • Alternate Fridays 2.00pm (Singing down Memory Lane)